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I can’t be mad at my dog, she’s too cute 

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i hate when girls wear high waisted shit to hide their gut but it just makes it look like they have a gut and a fupa. who ya foolin except urself

Bitch high waisted pants make your waist look FAB and your ass look even better you can leave you basic ass bitch have fun with ya mid rise bootcut old navy clearance rack jeans hoe

no one is wearing high waisted pants to ‘hide their gut’

literally no one 

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me:*smiles at girls*
me:*glares at boys*
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Don’t forget my birthday is next week!!!!!!!

give yr favorite blogger a gift :)

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tiraspark replied to your post: Look at this super soft blankie I just…

Totally just did the same this looks fabulous

good call

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ok but does anyone else ever just

Me yesterday

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Monica is not putting up with this shit

Monica is not putting up with this shit

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I almost dropped my phone on my dogs face.

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