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"In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed" - Khalil Gibran

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Six 2014 Selfies thingo tagged by fighter-without-fire :)

I’m gonna tag people even though I know some of them have already done this, and others might have done it but I didn’t see - just do it again :P

I tag velveteenjeeves, lavie-enrouge, floral-sweets, nataliebelle, queenfattyoftherollpalace, queerofdiamonds, courtneybethbaby, hayamandarae, esculentesset, spookyfemme and spooky-femme, monster-goothe-moonlight-lace, thewayofallflesh and the-little-sub-girl

and everyone else too but maaaan, I follow too many rad people for that

cutie friend

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My contribution to the six selfies trend

Reblogging again because saminal tagged me and I could never make another 6 selfies set this great

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everyone send me your amazon wishlists so I can look for things on them that I like to add to my wishlist


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"Wow how do you leave your house lol" I don’t. We don’t. Your crude jokes about our illnesses and disabilities are not funny. Some of us cannot, do not, leave our houses. Nobody is laughing.

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Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Carefree Black girl products are once again available

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Campaign has been relaunched so you have 10 days and this is the last chance to get one before the Afropunk festival 

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6 “selfies” (some of which may have been aided by my long time co-conspirator @coffindirt).

I’m gonna tag strangeasanjles flammable-femme desperadore onetwosteppenwolf bump-it-well iridessence because you’re all beautiful babes 💜


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